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Breathing Air Filter Systems
BP - B-Air & B-Air Plus series
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Breathing air equipment is a category, where all other devices and elements are included, which can’t be classified into other groups that we offer due to the specific nature of the application 


This equipment helps to improve air quality and energy efficiency of compressed air system. Painting air filtration system is designed to provide high quality compressed air for paint shop and the removal of harmful substances, which has a detrimental impact on the quality of performance of the manufacturing process. This is the system for quality and pressure control of compressed air. Not only the manufacturing process, the health of the worker should also be protected.


Omega Air produce several systems for breathing air treatment, which provide safety breathing air in harmful working conditions. Gas concentration analysers constantly monitor CO, CO2 and O2 concentrations and trigger an alarm if concentrations of standard compliant values are exceeded.

PP series

PP pro paint system is specifically designed for purifying compressed air from solid, liquid and partially gaseous components.


Protecting air equipment in addition to providing clean air for worker health protection. PP pro paint system is easy for wall mount.

Available modular combinations:
1. Compressed air for lower quality demands (down to 15 μm),
2. Compressed air for basic quality demands (down to 0,1 μm),
3. Compressed air for high quality demands (down to 0,01 μm),
4. Technical absolutely clean air (down to 0,1 μm, activated carbon),
5. Technical and breathable air,
6. Compressed air for highest demands (all in one unit)


B-Air series

B-AIR™ point of use filter set is designed for high efficient preparation of top quality breathing air. On request B-AIR™ filter set can be supplied with wall mounting brackets, pressure regulator and quick couplings.


WARNING! Breathing air filter set B-AIR is not declared as CO₂ and CO removal filter. Despite that B-AIR comprises filter element which can reduce CO content.


operating pressure16 bar

volume flow rate78 to 780 Nm³/h

connections½`` to 1½``

operating temp. range      
1,5 to 65 °C

standard colourRAL 1016

B-Air PLUS series

B-AIR PLUS system is specifically designed for applications where high quality breathing air and monitoring of breathing air supply are needed.


B-AIR PLUS is a combination of our B-AIR 0106 breathing air filter set combined with gas concentration analysers, fitted with pressure regulator and quick couplings, all packed in a compact and robust casing.


Gas concentration analysers constantly monitor CO, CO₂ and O₂ concentrations and trigger an alarm if concentrations exceed the EN12021 and BS4275:1997 standard compliant values. In this way B-AIR PLUS can safely provide high quality breathing air for up to 5 people.

Small dimensions and low weight enable the use of B-AIR PLUS in many applications as it can be transported and set up with ease.


operating pressure 0 - 16 bar

volume flow rate 120 Nm³/h

connections quick couplings 

operating temperature range 
 1,5 to 40 °C

standard colour RAL 1016


Special assistance may be require in selecting the correct Breathing Air system for specific application

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