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Bio-Gas Systems
Environmental Projects
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BIOGAS plants - MIBP and BP Plants

The slurry and other organic waste produced on livestock farms can be prepared in preparation tank for pumping into the bioreactor. Bioreactor is a tank in which a process of anaerobic degradation takes place.


Anaerobic digestion is a microbiological process of decomposition of organic matter, in the absence of oxygen. At this process a gas mixture - bio-gas is produced, which is stored in bio-gas storage before used.


Co-generation unit combusts clean bio-gas for electricity and heat production. Heat as a side product of electricity production is send trough heat exchanger coolant/water and stored in heat storage. Heat is used for heating bioreactor and for domestic hot water. Produced electricity is used for powering the electrical equipment on the farm.


The excesses of electrical energy are sold to electricity distributor. The substrate mixture continuously flows into the bioreactor and the same volume digestate flows through the outlet to the end lagoon. During spreading of processed digestate to the fields there are significantly less unpleasant odours as in the case of the slurry.


The engine room (co-generation unit, heat storage tank, heat exchangers, automatics…) is closed in heat and sound proof ISO container. Only bioreactor tank is installed separately near to the engine room.

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