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Pressure Vessels
Air Receivers & Bespoke Pressure Vessels
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Compressed air receiver is an essential part of every compressed air system.


It acts as a buffer and a storage medium between the compressor and the consumption system.


Air receivers are much more than just buffers. Their purpose is also reducing excessive compressor cycling, eliminating pulsations from discharge line, collecting condensate and water in the air after the compressor, reducing energy costs by minimising excessive starting of the compressor motor, help reducing dew point and temperature spikes...


Omega Air d.o.o is also a producer of custom made pressure vessels according to PED or ASME standards. Each of our pressure vessels is calculated, assembled, tested and guaranteed to conform standards and to withstand the process necessary for your application.

Air Receivers & Pressure Vessels
Horizontal, Vertical and Bespoke Units


Pressure vessels are tanks, designed to store compressed air.


On request Pressure vessels can also be designed for any other technical gas. Volume of pressure vessel depends on compressor capacity and on consumption of compressed air.


The supply of pressure vessel includes Anticorrosion protection (external painting or hot dip galvanizing), CE certificate (PV 200-900) PED (PV 1000-10000), Inspection opening (PV 1000-10000), Supporting legs, Connections for optional equipment.

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High pressure vessels - HPV PED

HPV pressure vessels are designed for high pressure compressed air applications.


The design, construction with approved welding procedures and assessment of vessels conformity are regulated by European Directive 2014/68/EU PED.


The supply of pressure vessel includes anticorrosion protection (external painting or hot dip galvanizing), supporting legs, connections for optional equipment.

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